The Flow Control Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and stockists of special purpose & commodity valves with over 40 years’ experience supplying valves to the Mining sector. In addition to manufactured products, the Flow Control Group is also an approved stockist of a complete range of international brands. We can supply valve and actuators packages to suit end user applications, both specific applications with specialist features or manufactured to industry standard valve requirements.

All valves supplied are designed and manufactured under strict adherence to ISO 9001: 2015 and in accordance industry standards. All relevant valves are CE marked and certified to the required specification and standards. The Flow Control Group is committed to provide the end user with a product that meets their service requirements & applications including a full design & technical consultant support facility.

The Mining sector engages in extracting naturally occurring mineral solids, such as coal and ores; liquid minerals, such as crude petroleum; and gases, such as natural gas. The term includes underground or open cut mining; dredging; quarrying; well operations or evaporation pans; recovery from ore dumps or tailings as well as beneficiation and other preparation work customarily performed at the mine site, or as a part of mining activity.

The Mining sector distinguishes two basic activities: mine operations and mining support.

Mine operations include enterprises operating mines, quarries, or oil and gas wells on their own account, or for others on a contract or fee basis, as well as mining sites under development.
Mining support activities include units that perform mining services on a contract or fee basis, and exploration (except geophysical surveying).


Today, the mining industry is faced with a number of challenges shifting its focus to greater efficiency and sustainability.

Water, waste and energy represent a substantial portion of a mine’s expenses. By working to improve the operation and maintenance performance of environmental assets, mining installations can achieve significant cost reduction.

At the same time, facing stricter a regulatory environment and public pressure, the need to develop long-term strategies is crucial to protect their license to operate.

The Flow Control Group can supply valves and other products which deliver economies of scale and robust environmental competence. Valves are incorporated in both the mining operation and support activities.

The demand for multi-valves, especially knife gate valves, is expected to increase in the coming years due to their nature to withstand harsh mining conditions. The adoption of control valves is also expected to increase during the forecast period due to the increased adoption of automation by mining industry players.


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