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Industrial Process




The Flow Control Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and stockists of special purpose & commodity valves with over 40 years’ experience supplying valves to the Industrial Process sector. In addition to manufactured products, the Flow Control Group is also an approved stockist of a complete range of international brands. We can supply valve and actuators packages to suit end user applications, both specific applications with specialist features or manufactured to industry standard valve requirements.

All valves supplied are designed and manufactured under strict adherence to ISO 9001: 2015 and in accordance industry standards. All relevant valves are CE marked and certified to the required specification and standards. The Flow Control Group is committed to provide the end user with a product that meets their service requirements & applications including a full design & technical consultant support facility.

Process industries all over the world produce a large variety of products for consumers and industries alike. What these producers have in common is the need for reliable and safe equipment adapted for the specific requirements of the processed media, which is often aggressive and corrosive.

Our products are used widely in a variety of industries both in the production and transportation of primary products and the treatment of bi products including wastewater.

Most industrial processes use water.  Many activities such as plant cleaning, material conveying, and product washing create wastewater.  This wastewater needs to be treated before it can be discharged. Wastewater from industrial processing often requires on-site treatment to prevent or reduce sewer surcharge fees.

The type of industry and specific process determine what types of wastewater is generated and what type of treatment is required. Reducing solids such as waste product, organic materials and sand is often a goal of industrial wastewater treatment.  Some common ways to reduce solids include primary sedimentation, DAF, belt filtration, and screening.

Efficient operations enable faster and more efficient material recovery, reduce loading on downstream treatment processes, provide small footprint sedimentation and filtration systems to remove solids, sand and abrasive particles, and improve your operational efficiency.

The correct valve and product package can:

  • Reduce sewer discharge fees
  • Cut energy costs
  • Improve effluent treatment system efficiencies and capacities
  • Cut haulage costs and waste volumes
  • Extend downstream processing equipment lifetimes
  • Reduce treatment footprints, freeing up site space
  • Recover by-product materials for reuse, repurposing, onward sale or electricity generation
  • Maximise the efficiency of water reclamation, recycling, and re-use


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